Assisting Corporations Undergoing Transitions

The easy part of a merger or acquisition is making the numbers work, the much more difficult task is melding the cultures of the two organizations.  It is in not properly handling the psycho-social aspect of such a transition that many mergers fail.
Likewise, the move from a founder run start-up to an institutional model of governance that often accompanies the infusion of significant monies from venture and angel funds flounder because of a lack of buy-in by the founder of the firm as she or he transitions out of the CEO position.
Dr. Nuzzo has worked with a variety of companies undergoing such transitions.  A diplomate of the psychoanalytic training program of the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis and the author of published articles on corporate governance, Dr. Nuzzo uses both his expertise in both business and psychoanalysis to help companies navigate through these rocky shoals.