Dr. Nuzzo’s Full-Service Strategic Consulting and Other Disciplines

Strategic Consulting

Assisting Corporations

Media Work

Dr. Nuzzo has worked on strategic and public policy issues for corporations, governmental agencies NGOs, and non profit institutions

Dr. Nuzzo uses both his expertise in both business and psychoanalysis to assist corporations navigate through the rocky shoals of mergers and acquisitions.

View a list of media work where Dr. Nuzzo offered his expertise in crisis management, government analysis, and other business disciplines.

The Colchester Group is a strategic consulting firm that has been operating for over 25 years.



The Colchester Group was founded in 1990 by James L.J. Nuzzo when the US Environmental Protection Agency contracted him to develop debt-for-nature swaps proposals.  Since its founding 25 years ago, TCG has been a strategic consulting firm working for the federal and state governments, NGOs, not profit institutions and corporations both nationally and internationally. 

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